Best Websites to Book Flights from in 2021

By | February 2, 2021

Year 2020 has been a very challenging year for us all and we all want a holiday tour to get rid of our monotonous corona routines for sure. Another challenging task is to find out where to book your flights from. Quite tricky, huh? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. This article gives you an insight into five of the best websites to book flights from in 2021. So let’s not wait and explore these websites. 


Travelocity is an expansion of Expedia. Hence the charges of this website are similar to that of Expedia. This website rates different flights on the basis of stay duration, kind of airplane, and onboard facilities, on a 10 point scale. This is very helpful in comparing flights on the basis of comfort level, budget etcetera. Travelocity deducts charges for booking selective flights. 


Although Travelocity is one extension of Expedia, the latter one is more beneficial in a sense that is also books a hotel for you along with the booking of flight. This helps save a good amount of money and of course time. This website also mentions a list of cheaper flights on clicking “show flexible date” on the results page. This would help you shift your flights to relatively cheaper flights by shifting a day or two. Booking fees from Expedia website varies from flight to flight. While reviewing the charges of flights, you can check whether there are extra charges for seat selection, booking cancelations, baggage related issues and so forth.


Farepotal Inc. runs this website. CheapOair charges 0 to 35 dollars for each ticket booked. This website is good to go for finding out flights with cheaper fares. The “Super Saver Fares” section allows you to book flight in cheap rates. One disadvantage of this facility is that you won’t get to know the name of flight but when you book the flight. Anyhow, the money is save and that is something worth the flight name. The key feature of this website is its preference of fares over stops. 


This website is just too good for its awesome hotel reviews. The website also allows you to compare flight fares with that on other websites such as Expedia and Travelocity. TripAdvisor is a great choice for exploring flights on the basis of review-based FlyScores to make sure you are selecting the right airline for your trip.


Skyscanner is among the best websites for booking flights. It allows you specify direct flights from the homepage. It also provides you a search result of the “best” option with the help of which you can locate a flight with best accommodation, cheap fares, baggage facilities and other services. You can also check for airlines flight timings, number of stops and so on. Another amazing feature of this website is the use of star rating for analyzing different flights. It also provides a unique facility of booking “Greener flights” in case you want to go for flights that are environmental friendly. 

So, these were some of the best websites to book flights from in 2021. Although the competition is tough, select your favorite website and book your flight now! Happy travelling! 

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