Top 5 Online Review Platforms

By | December 19, 2020

You should be wondering if you already don’t know the answer to why most of the business focuses on building their review bank and post them on online platforms. Its because reviews are the number one influencer in customer’s mind when he or she makes a purchase. According to a study approximately 93 percent customers take into account the only reviews when they are going to buy something. 

If you keep getting reviews on review platforms online, you become more attractive to customers online. Also consumers are also asked by their businesses to leave a review bad or good (mostly good) about their experience online.

Online reviews are no joke (as much as there are endless hilarious and entertaining reviews out there). That means the top review sites are something for businesses to take note of.

Online reviews are so important for the online presence of a business that you should take it more seriously than ever before. Still some people might be afraid to go that route because of some of the negative outcomes that can come out of online reviews like:

  • Not receiving any reviews
  • Getting a lot of negative reviews
  • Not getting recent reviews from customers

But these fears should not let you get behind in the race of getting reviews from customers. There are many platforms for reviews that check if the reviews are real or not. Also they check if someone is trying to damage your brand reputation by this method.

Benefits of Posting Reviews Online

First of all let’s look at some of the benefits of having business reviews on online platforms.

  1. Online business reputation is highly dependent on these review platforms
  2. It is another way to get front in the race of competitors
  3. You can get genuine feedback from these websites
  4. Traffic on these platforms can get you a lot of customers or leads

Top Platform for Posting Online Review

There are many review sites available online, and you should try to get your reviews on as much sites as possible. But we have made a list of 5 Platforms that are highly popular in US and also have huge traffic and reviews all over the globe.

  1. Google My Business

Google My Business is the biggest platform for submitting your business and having reviews online. It is ranked no 1 on Alexa rankings. Average traffic from US to Google My Business is 158.03 Million. You can post any kind of business on there. 

  1. Amazon

If you are a seller of any product you must have an account on amazon. It is one of the biggest online sellers in the world. This website has 85.44 million visitors from US. Also its Alexa rank is 3 which say a lot. Every e-commerce website should also make account on Amazon because they are missing a huge part of their sales.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is another big platform which allows you to have the option of letting people leave reviews on your business page. Almost everyone in the world is using Facebook. It has 4 Alexa Rank in US. It generates average 85.57 Million users from US. Because it is a social networking website people are more likely to review and recommend your page or business to others.

  1. Yelp

Yelp is also a website which is very popular in posting online reviews of businesses. It is not niche oriented meaning you can post any kind of business and people will review it on Yelp. It is ranked 64 in US Alexa rankings. This website gets 40.47 million visitors from United States each month.

  1. Trip Advisor

Trip advisor is one of the most popular review platforms when it comes to traveling, food restaurants and hotels. It has thousands of businesses rated on the platform. With Alexa rank of 118 it gets 28.27 million visitors monthly from US.

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